I created this blog as a way to process and record my experience as a seminary student. I also hope it will provide a platform for my friends and family to participate in the journey. Some of the entries are kind of long, but what can I say--I was in graduate school, they made us do that...


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Look what I got today!! A $1,000 scholarship from a local UU church I've been attending (infrequently...). It couldn't come at a better time. My Cooper Scholar funds, which cover tuition for 54 credits, are about to run out. I will have a tuition bill in January for my May term class and this scholarship will cover it. I'm pretty happy for the support!


Ally said...

This is such good timing. Three cheers and many hoorays!

mary said...

That's great! I knew I liked the UUs... :-D