I created this blog as a way to process and record my experience as a seminary student. I also hope it will provide a platform for my friends and family to participate in the journey. Some of the entries are kind of long, but what can I say--I was in graduate school, they made us do that...


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Enjoying Break

I love Thanksgiving. I always have. This year has been particularly lovely. Jeremy and I decided to horde the holiday to ourselves and stay home and have an actual break. We started the week with a trip to see our favorite band in Chicago which allowed us to do some of our grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Then we came home and began relaxing. We've been sleeping in everyday, eating good food and working on creative projects. I've been painting Jacob's Hip as an accompaniment to the paper I'm writing on Genesis 32 and working on the paintings we'll give to our siblings for Christmas through our "Sibling Storyboard Project." Jeremy has been working on his book. Life gets back to normal tomorrow and we'll have a few whirlwind weeks before the sememster ends and we fly home for Christmas. I'm thankful for this week and for my husband, my favorite person to spend time with.

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Ally said...

I love how you and Jeremy love each other.

What's your favorite band?